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April 19, 2015, 5:31 pm
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The Event


Un-locking Global Innovation™
Great ideas need exposure to potential partners in commerce and industry whose resources and skills can make the difference between a brilliant idea and a reality.

The BIS was created to develop new business opportunities by bringing together innovation and enterprise, investors and inventors, designers and manufacturers alongside associated services.

The Awards


Highlighting creative genius™
We are delighted to host the coveted World Invention & British Invention of the Year Awards.

A panel of 25 expert judges on behalf of the British Inventor's Society will put social and ecological benefits to mankind, originality, ingenuity as well as design to the test. The winners will be announced during the Awards on Friday 24th October.

British Inventors Society


Dream & Change the World™
The very first BIS event took place at London's Barbican Center in 2001. The British Inventors Society (BIS) was formed in December 2003.

The team that came together includes leading inventors and innovators, academics and entrepreneurs who share a common belief - that invention is the vital spark that drives the world's technology and new orders of wealth creation.