The 2020 bis Awards are back at London's most prestigious venue.

The SAVOY - 7pm 24th October

More Information

Exhibition - Barbican Hall 2
Golden Lane, London EC2Y 8DL

21 - 22 - 23 - 24 October 2020

Awards Dinner - SAVOY - The Strand - London

7pm- 11pm 24 October 2020

General Exhibitor Information



                                                                       4 OPTIONS TO BOOK
                           Please read the following information before proceeding to registration. 

                                                                1  Enter the Semi-Finals             £199

                                                                2  Absent Innovator- Finals        £399    

                                                                3  Retail/Showcase- Booth       £1299

         4  Standard Booth- Finals         £1593

Dear Colleague,


bis is delighted to announce the 20th annual British Invention Show and Awards, with a completely new model and lots of inexpensive ways for you to participate.


We invite Companies, Organisations, Innovators and Designers, along with retailers and all innovation services to apply and take part.


There are 4 Options to choose from.



  •  ‘Standard Booth’ in the FINAL  (fee @£1593 per exhibit).

  •  ‘Absent Innovator’ in the FINAL (fee @£399).

  •  ‘Pre-judged SEMI-FINALIST’      (fee @£199) Entries are pre judged in the country of booking/origin   by the official bis representative if applicable, UK Entries are pre-judged in the  UK.)                           First Round Deadline 31st March 2020.

  • ‘Retail/Showcase Booth’ (fee from @£1299 for sizes from 2x2) A showcase Booth to promote and retail you innovation, organisation or services.



Further details as follows:



2020 - Standard Booth in the FINALS £1593


Standard booking ’Booth in Final’                            £1593   

2 Deep x2 Wide booth including one award entry and one dinner ticket in the final @£1593.   

2 Deep X 4 Wide Standard booth including up to 2 entries into the awards, also includes 2 dinner tickets @£3,186.00GBP.

Corner stands + 15%.

One dinner ticket, one award category and inclusion in the on-line show guide and press release per 2x2 (4 Sq Mt).  There are options for up to 2 extra award categories at £55 each if applicable, extra dinner tickets, table and chairs, and various other options which are mostly supplied by third party organizations.


2020 - Absent Innovator in the bis FINALS.


Non attendant Absent Innovator in the ‘Final’.        £399

1m wide Display board and entry into final. 

Includes Listing as a Finalist, Finalist participation certificate, 1m Poster showcase space in the main exhibition hall.

Presentation by a bis member of the invention to the judges, inclusion in on-line show guide and press release.



2020 - Retail/Showcase booth at the FINALS.


‘Retail Booth’ Retail/Feature Space.           Fee from £1299

This is a Showcase Booth to promote your company and showcase you innovation, organisation or services. 28th 29th October 2020.

The Retail/Showcase booth is not included in the awards, or dinner.

2 Wide x 2 Deep Retail/Feature Space £1299

2 Wide X 4 Deep Retail/Feature Space £2598.00 GBP,

4 Wide X 4 Deep Retail/Feature Space £5196.00 GBP

24 Square Meters (Configurable in various ways) £7,794.00 GBP.



2020 - Enter bis SEMI  FINALS with Pre-Judging.


Participate in bis ‘Semi-Final’                                Fee £199 

Pre-judged - A booth can be achieved/won.

Pre-judging. From each 10 applications received, one will be go forward and win a ‘Standard Booth’ in the final). 

Applications are now being accepted for the 2020 bis 20th Anniversary Show & Awards.

The top scorer, at least 1 of each of 10 applicants pre-judged in the Semi Finals, wins a Standard Booth worth  £1593 at no extra charge in the Finals (with everything a Standard Booth includes).

The next round judging deadline is 31st march 2020 for the October 2020 event.



General Booth Info

Stand/booth walls are 2m high and have a Velcro loop surface, for easy fixture of posters. There is general hall lighting over each stand. Electrical sockets may be ordered on the set up day directly from the venue electrical contractor who requires they are ordered by 12 noon. Parking may be booked separately through our website portal.



* 4’x2’ Table & Chair Hire £55 GBP


* Exhibit or Invention Description - 35 Words and full contact details are included.

   70 Word Option - Exhibit or Invention Description. This will increase the size of your stand description in the Online Show Catalogue and Press Release £55.00GBP


* Visa Invitation Letter £25 GBP

* Dinner Award Tickets £120 GBP

Standard booth in the 'FINALS' includes: 

Stand-Booth sizes available starting from 2x2m (4 sq m) from £1593 @ £398.25 per sq m.
One exhibit per 2x2m space includes shell scheme, fascia, name board, carpet and 1 x entry into the press release, 1 x entry into the awards program, 1 x entry into the on-line show guide, 1 x entry in exhibitor listings, 1 x ticket to The World Inventions Awards Dinner and unlimited names on your guest list for entry at the exhibition entrance. Additional dinner tickets are subject to availability, early booking is recommended. 



Standard Booking Terms:

Visa Application

Postponement Policy In the event of a failed VISA application:
In the event you are unable to obtain a visa a 70% credit will be made
towards participation costs for the following years event once proof of the
VISA application and failure has been provided. 

Cancellation Policy: 
Cancellation may be made up to three months prior to the event at 0% charge.
After this time up until 60 days prior to the event opening 70% charge.
After 60 days prior to the event 100% charge. 


important access information



Set up is from 9am on Wednesday the 21st October 2020 and the exhibition opens at 1pm - 7pm.

Loading Bay - Hall Details tbc



Break Down is from Details tbc Exhibitors and exhibits must be clear of the venue by 7pm.   

Please note no exhibit will be allowed to start breaking down until the exhibition is closed and all public have exited. 

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